Retainer Medicine Facility Near Me

Are You Searching for a Retainer Medicine Facility Near Me?

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For those who don’t know what a retainer medicine facility is, let us give you a brief description on how it works. Basically, retainer medicine goes by other names such as concierge medicine or boutique medicine. Concierge medicine involves a relationship between a patient and a primary care physician in which the patient pays an annual fee or retainer. In exchange for this retainer fee, the doctor will limit the amount of patients he sees to ensure more availability and enhanced medical care for his patients. 


There are essentially two retainer-based payment models. The first one is when a physician charges a retainer fee for services that are not covered by the patient’s insurance plan, while also billing their insurance company for covered services. The other one involves eliminating the insurance company billing altogether and charging a retainer fee for all services provided. 


There is a common misconception regarding retainer medicine facilities in that these facilities charge high fees for highly personalized services. In reality, many retainer medicine facilities offer affordable payment options which attract families that are not so wealthy. Because so many patients are seeking on-demand care access and price transparency, retainer medicine is becoming a popular option because concierge doctors are able to provide same-day appointments and highly personalized medical care for a consistent monthly rate that can be as cheap as a monthly streaming app. 


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