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Planning for a trip abroad is an exciting time, but it can also be a challenging one. Palm Beach Boutique Medicine in Wellington, Florida, specializes in travel medicine services that take the worry out of your travel plans. The concierge medicine practice provides pre-travel and routine vaccinations, physical exams, and other resources to keep you healthy and safe as you explore the world for business or pleasure. Call in advance of your trip to schedule a travel medicine consultation or book one online today.

Travel Medicine Q & A

What is travel medicine?

Travel medicine involves the specialized medical care that you need if you plan to travel to certain areas of the world outside of the United States.

Palm Beach Boutique Medicine is highly experienced at helping you plan ahead for an international trip to reduce your risk of infectious and tropical diseases. They provide customized travel services to meet your needs based on where you’re going, how long you’re staying, and your existing health.

When should I schedule a travel medicine consultation?

Because there are several vaccines you might need before traveling outside of the country, you need to schedule your consultation at least a month in advance of your trip to prevent delays. If you’re making a last-minute trip, you should still consult with Palm Beach Boutique Medicine before you go.

Vaccinations ensure you’re fully protected against diseases such as typhoid and yellow fever that are more common in countries like India, Africa, and Europe. Some vaccinations are required before you can enter a country and some the CDC recommends for your personal health and safety.

Palm Beach Boutique Medicine also provides updates to routine vaccines that protect against hepatitis and tetanus.

What is involved in a travel medicine consultation?

Your provider at Palm Beach Boutique Medicine spends time reviewing your travel plans, your medical history, and any concerns you have about your trip. They also perform a comprehensive physical exam to confirm you’re healthy enough to travel. 

In addition to providing your travel vaccinations and documentation, they can discuss aspects of your travel like:

  • Adapting to altitude changes
  • Preparing for extreme climates
  • Political travel warnings
  • Current health guidelines in other countries

If you’re pregnant or have pre-existing medical conditions, Palm Beach Boutique Medicine can provide resources to keep you safe and help you plan for emergencies based on your destination.

For certain travel destinations, you might need to bring along prescription medications to treat altitude sickness or diarrhea. Your provider can also ensure you have enough of any medications you already take for allergies, asthma, and other diseases, and help you put together a first-aid kit.

If you’re already planning your trip out of the country, schedule a travel medicine consultation as soon as possible by calling Palm Beach Boutique Medicine or booking a consultation online today.