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Are You Searching for a ‘Telemedicine Care Provider Near Me’ Around Wellington, FL? Here is What You Can Expect From Our VIP Medical Services

Are you searching for a ‘telemedicine care provider near me’ around the Wellington, FL area? If you are searching for a ‘telemedicine care provider near me’ around Wellington, reach out to Palm Beach Boutique Medicine. Telemedicine can be a great substitute for standard, in person medicine, especially if you think you might be contagious or have trouble getting out of your home on your own.


During your appointment your telemedicine care provider will focus on the identification, diagnosis, and treatment of your symptoms. Your doctor may ask more questions than they normally would during an in person visit, since they're depending on you to provide the information necessary to make the correct diagnosis. Typically, your doctor will start by asking some questions about your medical history. If this is your first time talking with this doctor, they'll want to ask more questions than if you've met with them or seen them in person before.


After your doctor gets a full understanding of your medical history, you'll transition to discussing your current issue. If you have video available on your phone, your doctor may ask to video chat with you in order to see your symptoms in real time. If this is not possible, your doctor will instead ask you to describe your symptoms in detail. In addition to addressing your current symptoms, your doctor will also ask how your symptoms have progressed over time. The more detail you can provide your doctor, the more likely they'll be to make a diagnosis.


If your doctor is able to make a diagnosis without asking you to come into the hospital or lab for further testing, they'll also be able to give you treatment and direction on what to do next. Your doctor may prescribe you a prescription to pick up at the pharmacy, or they may recommend at home treatment in order to ease your symptoms. They may ask that you go through a follow up appointment with them in a few days to ensure that the suggested treatment is working well for you.


Here at Palm Beach Boutique Medicine, we are a boutique medicine facility that is dedicated to offering VIP medical services to those in Wellington and its surrounding areas. Whether you are in need of a ‘telemedicine care provider near me’ or executive medical services, you can be sure that we will provide you with the high quality care that you are looking for. Because we are a concierge medical facility, we are able to offer you VIP medical and executive medical service, you will have better access and availability to our doctors. We offer same-day appointment, 24/7 physician availability, home visits, and telemedicine for your convenience. And because we see fewer patients, we take the time to get to know you and are able to truly understand your needs to help you improve your overall health without feeling rushed out of the doctor’s office.


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